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Cheap Alicante - Albacete trains

Overview of your Alicante - Albacete journey:

Lowest price for adults


Departure station


Arrival station

Albacete-Los Llanos

Duration of journey

46 minutes

Fixed price for children

€7 and children up to 3 years old included travel for free


Finally you can travel to Albacete with OUIGO's low-cost high speed! On our cheap Alicante - Albacete trains, you'll travel quickly, comfortably and enjoyably. Do you want to take your pet with you or take your bike or scooter on the train? Do you need a travel assistance service? Are you a large family? At OUIGO, we want everyone to be able to travel, so we take all situations into account and give you a hand with our advantages and services. 

There are several timetables available so you can choose the one that best suits your plans. When you make your booking, choose your preferred options and the timetable that suits you best and set your trip up your own way. 

Sign up for an OUIGO Customer Account and you'll be able to buy your train tickets with greater ease. What's more, if you don't know exactly what time or day you can travel, the OUIGO Flex option is for you. Sign up for it when you make your reservation and you can change the date and time up to 30 minutes before the train departs at no extra cost, you will only have to pay the difference in price of the tickets, if any. 

Albacete is the largest city in Castilla-La Mancha and is still unknown to many. Now, with OUIGO, you have it closer than ever. 

Discover it! 

Plan your Alicante – Albacete trip

How long does the Alicante - Albacete train take?

The Alicante - Albacete journey on OUIGO's low cost train lasts 46 minutes, a quick trip that you can take advantage of to read, rest or enjoy our on-board entertainment platform, included in OUIGO Plus, the option with which you can enjoy the best travel experience. 

How much does the Alicante - Albacete train ticket cost?

The price of the Alicante - Albacete train tickets is very affordable so that everyone can enjoy the high speed at a low price of OUIGO. You can buy train tickets from €9 per adult and for €7 per child from 3 years old. In addition, babies and children under 3 years old travel for free. 

At what time do the first and last Alicante - Albacete trains leave?

The first Alicante - Albacete low cost train departs from Alacant-Terminal station at 2pm. If you want to travel later from Alicante to Albacete, the timetables are varied and the last train of the day departs at 4pm. If you are not sure on which day or at what time you will be able to travel, choose the OUIGO Flex option when booking your train tickets. You will be able to change the date or time up to 30 minutes before the train departs at no extra cost, and you will only have to pay the difference in ticket price, if any. 

Where are the departure and arrival stations for the Alicante - Albacete train?

The departure station for the low cost train is Alicante-Terminal, a modern station which is easily accessible by public transport. The arrival station is Albacete-Los Llanos, which is close to the city centre and has, among other services, two bus lines. 

What to see in Albacete?

Albacete is known for its Fair, declared to be of International Tourist Interest, and for being the City of Cutlery. In the Plaza del Altozano, the first green area to be created in the city, there is a statue dedicated to the cutler, as a tribute to this fundamental sector in Albacete's industry. Opposite the square, you can visit the Casa Cortés Palace, which housed the city's Town Hall from 1903 to 1986 and currently hosts public events and civil weddings. The Municipal Museum of Albacete is another of the city's points of interest, as is the Cathedral of San Juan Bautista and, of course, the Municipal Museum of the Cutlery of Albacete. Another place you should not miss is the Pasaje de Lodares, a commercial and residential passageway inspired by Italian shopping arcades. 


OUIGO's secret advice 

Don't leave Albacete without visiting the Mercado de los Invasores. It is the largest and most famous in Castilla-La Mancha, with more than 550 stalls offering everything you can imagine (clothes, footwear, toys, fruit, vegetables, typical products...). The name Los Invasores comes from a popular television series from the 1960s (The Invaders) that was broadcast on the same day as the market. 

What advantages do I have if I choose OUIGO to travel from Alicante to Albacete?

OUIGO changes the rules and makes high-speed travel available to everyone in a comfortable, easy and fun way. These are just some of the advantages of travelling with us: 

  • Want to take your pet with you? With OUIGO, you can take up to two pets weighing a maximum of 10kg each per purchase and per journey. 

  • If you want to get around Albacete by bicycle or scooter, you can also take them on the train. You only have to contract the additional luggage option because, at OUIGO, you only pay for extra items you carry. 

  • If you have to change your plans, don't worry. With OUIGO, you can change your ticket date or time up to 30 minutes before your train departs. 

  • Would you like specific dates? No problem. With OUIGO, you can book in advance. 

Join the OUIGO universe and never stop travelling! 

Trains schedule for Alicante - Albacete

You can follow Alicante - Albacete departures in real-time, so you remain informed about any hold-ups or delays. Plan a hassle-free journey thanks to the OUIGO website!  

Keep up to date with departure times for Alicante - Albacete trains. Traffic problems, train delays… stay informed about departures via OUIGO's website!