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Low-cost trains in France: all OUIGO destinations!


Want to explore France? Then hop on the best French trains! OUIGO is the low-cost TGV service that covers the whole of France, perfect for families, couples, students and seniors after cheap travel. From the sea to the mountains, the charm of France is at your fingertips – and your wallet will also be happy. Fixed fares at €5 or €8 for children and from €16 for adults (€10 for “Classical Trains”!). 

Travel by train in France with OUIGO


OUIGO High-Speed Trains 

OUIGO High-Speed trains are SNCF TGV trains that have been redesigned and rebranded to offer the best of French high-speed rail travel. Comfy, efficient, and with more seats, they can get even more passengers from A to B. This means lower fares for you. You can also select various options for a tailor-made trip: perfect for a top-quality journey, perfect for your bank balance! 

The OUIGO Classical Train 

OUIGO Classical Trains are a revamped version of the former classic "Corail" train, a favourite with French travellers. A "Corail" train? Yes, as in "co-rail": comfort on rails! And that says it all! These trains run at a normal speed, so you can take your time and enjoy cheap fares. Comfy seating, space for luggage, bikes, and even your pet! Classical Trains run to France's big cities as well as lesser-known stations, so you get to see everything in a country that’s home to over 1,000 varieties of cheese.