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OUIFI + OUIFUN from OUIGO France. Now available on all trains!

Do you want to spend your OUIGO TGV journey catching up on business emails or finally getting around to replying to your gran's "we never hear from you" message? Or maybe you want to keep the kids occupied with games, or catch the latest episode of your favourite series? 

We've got good news for you! Your train journey is the perfect time to do all the above. Since 2022, OUIFUN, the OUIGO online content offer, has been available on our TGV trains. 

And now, OUIGO has included the OUIFUN offer in its OUIGO PLUS package. If you sign up for OUIGO PLUS for one of your trips, you'll get automatic access to OUIFUN and OUIFI! 



Low-cost TGV tickets with our OUIFI option 


OUIFUN is an entertaining OUIGO service. In addition to providing Wi-Fi on all its TGVs, OUIGO now offers passengers access to its entire catalogue of content, games, and media. 


And like OUIGO, this package is tailored to all your needs for bags of OUIFUN!  

  • If you’d just like internet access during your journey, it only costs a measly €3! You can subscribe to the option directly on board the trains via a member of staff or the OUIFI portal.  


  • If you’d like Wi-Fi + entertainment, it's only €5 when you buy it on board a train. Enjoy films, TV shows, news and magazines, podcasts, music, and games. Discover all the content available via OUIFUN, on its dedicated page! 


Do you like to plan in advance? When you book your trip on our website, you can take advantage of the OUIGO+ offer, which includes a choice of seat, XXL luggage and OUIFUN!