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Change your train ticket with OUIGOFLEX

How can you change your OUIGO ticket? Easy, just use OUIGOFLEX - there are no hidden charges and it’s easy to do!  



We know you love travelling with OUIGO thanks to its High Speed, Classical trains, low-cost tickets, and travel tips. But how would you like to be able to change your tickets for free, as many times as you need, with no hidden charges? The great news is you can!  



How do I change my OUIGO tickets for free? 


Just sign up to the OUIGOFLEX option. At €9 per adult and free for kids (yes, you read that right), the OUIGOFLEX option now allows you to change your train tickets as many times as you like! Something's cropped up, you’ve got a last-minute urge to get away, a work emergency, a sick relative, it doesn’t matter – you can get on a train and go. Enjoy flexible travel with OUIGO! 


The OUIGOFLEX option means you can change your OUIGO tickets – you'll just have to pay for any ticket price difference (this only applies to adult tickets).  


TGV, Classical Train , change your mind (and train) in a few clicks with OUIGOFLEX! If your plans go awry at the last minute and you need a hassle-free solution, then go for our OUIGOFLEX option! 



The freedom to change your mind for only €9! Loads of trains, loads of destinations! 



OUIGO now serves over 50  destinations in all four corners of France. Why not head to Perpignan, La Rochelle, Quimper or Brest? Or you can visit Lille, Paris, Nantes, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Lyon, Marseille, or Nice ! 


OUIGO knows that plans can change at any time. You might need to leave in a hurry, have to deal with an emergency, or have to quickly handle an unexpected problem. Since they first hit the rails, our brand's famous pink and blue trains have become known for low-cost travel at the last minute!  


Back in the day, postponing your departure and dealing with last-minute glitches or cancellations could be a bit of a pain. Travel plans could get ruined because an interview was cancelled, the kids caught chickenpox, the kitchen sprang a leak, or your gran forgot she had visitors for the weekend and wouldn’t be able to put you all up. Not anymore!  


Change your Train Classical or TGV tickets for free  



Once you've added the OUIGOFLEX option to your basket, you'll have all the freedom you need! You can change your tickets free of charge and as often as you like! Do your plans keep going belly up? No worries. You can keep changing your tickets for free!  


After selecting your ticket, you'll land on the options page where you can add an XXL piece of luggage or a foldable bike. You just need to select the Flex option for all the passengers you want included. And that's all there is to it!