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OUIGO low-cost train journeys - we'll take you there!

OUIGO in Europe

Travel low-cost with OUIGO

OUIGO, the affordable train travel offers that's taken over France. Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Strasbourg, Rennes or Bordeaux: our trains serve more than 60 destinations in France.  

High-speed train trips at a reduced price and with optimal comfort: when you have a good idea, you might as well share it with as many people as possible. 

With this in mind, our journeys are venturing even further into Europe! Because OUIGO is now offering its low-cost trips to Spanish travellers. Our slick trains run between Madrid and Barcelona... but these aren’t the only Spanish cities we serve Valencia, Segovia Valladolid, Cuenca, Alicante, Zaragoza, Tarragona, Albacete... and soon Cordoba, Malaga and Seville!  

The best value for money, flexible tickets and comfort guaranteed - OUIGO offers smooth travel in several languages. Board a OUIGO train, starting from €9 in Spain, and €16 in France! 


OUIGO in a few words

OUIGO destinations

OUIGO offers cheap, high-speed trains, travelling to Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Zaragoza, Tarragona, Alicante and Albacete with a fast and pleasant journey. We also offer many departure times, for your convenience. But the good news don't stop there!—Soon there will be low-cost train tickets to other destinations in Spain!

High-speed at low prices

OUIGO's philosophy is to give the best value by travelling in Spain by train. Our innovative double-decker coaches have a capacity for more than 500 passengers, while respecting the environment. That's why we can offer the best prices with the best quality and comfort, travelling as fast as conventional high-speed trains for much less. Isn't it a great deal?

OUIGO advantages

With OUIGO, you save money by paying only for the extras. Your cabin luggage and handluggage are free. Choose the options that suit you (additional luggage, flexibility, pets...). In our low-price, double-decker coaches you will feel like at home seated on our comfortable seats, enjoying the entertainment system or having a drink at the OUIBar. With OUIGO, you get so much more for less!

Our OUIGO Plus service

Get our OUIGO PLUS service and carry more luggage, enjoy priority allocation of our ultra-comfortable XL seats (subject to availability), choose your seat and enjoy our on-board Premium entertainment system (with the latest box office hits). And the best thing, OUIGO Plus is just 9€!

Travel by train in France with OUIGO


What's the difference between the OUIGO Classic train and the OUIGO High-Speed train in France?

To get you even closer to your destination, OUIGO has added "classic" trains to its revamped TGV trains. These spacious and comfortable trains offer additional journeys to stations not served by the OUIGO High-Speed train or as an alternative to the High-Speed option, to cater for the tightest budgets. OUIGO Classic train tickets start at €10!  

Both trains give you the option to add à la carte services or the OUIGO Plus package. 


Fast journeys at more than 300km/h   


More than 50 destinations throughout France 


Cheap tickets from €16 


Children’s tickets for €8  


Reserve up to 9 months in advance 


Journeys at 160km / h in revamped comfortable trains!  


16 destinations in France and dedicated stops in Île-de-France 


Tickets from €10 to €49 for adults all year round!  


Children's tickets fixed at €5 all year round  


Reserve 45 days in advance 

Travel by train in Spain with OUIGO

Trains in Spain

Spanish OUIGO trains are French OUIGOs’ smart cousins: two levels (so you can choose your favourite place to view the landscape); and more seats to allow more people to travel cheaper. Ground or Sky: you can book your preferred train seat.  

And – in the same way each family has its own tortilla recipe or each city in France has its own cheese - OUIGO Spanish trains also have their own distinctive features! For example, OUIGO Spain offers you a "Wide Seat" option if you need a place to work... or want to honour the great tradition of taking a siesta. These seats are three times larger than the standard seats and offer an extra spacious comfort option.   

OUIGO Spain trains also offer a OUIBAR, where you'll find snacks and hot drinks ... There are 2 OUIBAR carriages on each of our OUIGO trains in case you forget your sandwich or just need a coffee! 


How should I prepare for my trip with OUIGO? 

To ensure that we offer the best service on OUIGO journeys, our secret is to allow more people to travel at the same time – without compromising on comfort, of course!  

To make this happen, there are a few small steps to follow so that everyone arrives at their destination on time, and without breaking the bank… 


Book your train

Catch your train

On board the train

Choose your train ticket on the mobile app or the website. 


Once you've selected your route (with or without extra options) and you've purchased your ticket, OUIGO will send you a reservation number. 
This number allows you to find your reservation on the app.  


Your train tickets will be available 4 days prior to your departure, by email and on the app!  

Make your way to the departure station, taking your identity document and your ticket - on the app or printed if you prefer! 


Boarding of OUIGO trains is open 30 minutes prior to the train's departure. Note: we close 5 minutes before departure! Make sure you're on the train before this…  


Once on the train, find your seat as indicated on your ticket, then get comfortable. 

Start by storing your luggage properly: at the front of the carriages if you have extra-large luggage and above and below your seat for cabin luggage. The carriages are designed so that the space beneath the seat comfortably accommodates a piece of cabin luggage.


Settle into your seat, on the Ground or Sky levels, and enjoy the journey!