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Cheap Barcelona - Madrid trains

Overview of your Barcelona - Madrid journey:


Lowest price for adults 


Departure station


Arrival station

Madrid-Puerta de Atocha

Duration of journey


Fixed price for children

€7 and children up to 3 years old included travel for free


At last! Now, with OUIGO you can travel on our low-cost Barcelona - Madrid train in a comfortable, fun and cheap way. Do you want to go and come back in the same day or would you prefer to enjoy a weekend in Madrid? How about choosing an XL seat on our Barcelona - Madrid fast train or carrying extra luggage? With OUIGO, you choose how you travel. 

Every day, you have different Barcelona - Madrid timetables to choose from. You can depart from Barcelona-Sants station and arrive at Madrid-Atocha in 2.30h. Combine our options and make your trip your own way: children, pets, bicycles, assistance service, etc. At OUIGO, we want you to travel comfortably and without worries. 

Take advantage of our à la carte options to enjoy an even more comfortable and fun trip on the cheap Barcelona - Madrid train. With OUIGO Plus, you have numerous advantages to make your trip more enjoyable and fun for only €9 more. Including OUIFUN, our on-board entertainment platform where you can enjoy your favourite series, watch films or documentaries, read magazines, listen to podcasts and even play video games. Nobody gives you more for less! 

What's more, if you're not sure about the date of your journey or you have a last-minute setback, with the OUIGO Flex option you can change the time or date of your journey up to 30 minutes before the train leaves at no extra cost. You will only have to pay the difference in price, if any. 

If you don't want to leave your pet at home, hire the service to travel together for €10 and you won't be separated for a second. 

Worry-free travel is in your hands with OUIGO! 


Plan your Barcelona - Madrid trip

How long does a train take from Barcelona to Madrid?

From the Barcelona Sants station, it takes approximately 2.30h to get to Madrid-Puerta de Atocha, travelling at 300 km/h. With our app, book from your phone and find out how long it takes to get to your destination. Did you know that some of our low-cost trains make two stops on their journey? Camp the Tarragona and Zaragoza-Delicias stations. Envision future trips to discover new cities. Make the most of our affordable prices and ticket booking convenience. Travel nonstop with OUIGO! 

How much is a Barcelona - Madrid train ticket?

Starting from €9 per adult and for € per child, OUIGO takes you all the way to Madrid. Do you feel like visiting the museums in the capital? How about a family outing to Madrid to see a musical in Gran Vía? Choose your departure time and travel options and book. Travel high-speed at low prices! 

What are the first and last departure times from Barcelona to Madrid?

There are several departures every day of the week. There are many Barcelona - Madrid departure options, to adapt to your lifestyle. Are you an early bird and want to make the most of your day? The first train departs from Barcelona-Sants at 6.45am. 

If your prefer to take it easy, with OUIGO there is no rush. You have several trains departing up until 8.45pm, when the last cheap train leaves the station. 

What are the Barcelona - Madrid departure and arrival stations?

The departure station is the central Barcelona-Sants. Find the most convenient way for you to get there: by public transport (metro, bus), bicycle, motorbike or car. Some of our Barcelona - Madrid cheap trains stop at the Camp de Tarragona and Zaragoza-Delicias stations. Hop on the train, get comfortable, and use your imagination: fly like a bird, Madrid has never been so close. When you arrive at Madrid-Puerta de Atocha station you can access city transport options to explore the city. With OUIGO, all destinations are only one click away! 

What to see in Madrid?

Madrid is a metropolis offering endless possibilities. Are you passionate about art? Then the Golden Triangle of Art waits for you with its world-class museums. But if you prefer to get immersed in the city, you may customize the itinerary according to your interests: shopping fun downtown, a tour of the historic Madrid, or a visit to the huge Retiro Park, perfect for walking and playing sports. And when your stomach starts rumbling, there are plenty of bars and restaurants where you can choose from the most traditional bites to the most innovative cuisine. Madrid is a welcoming city that you will always want to come back to. And thanks to OUIGO, that's simple! Our flexibility, simplicity and low prices make it easy! Now you know: phone, OUIGO, Madrid! 


OUIGO's secret hint for Madrid: 

With OUIGO you go further! Discover a unique dining experience in Madrid: the Taxi a Manhattan restaurant. An experience that transports you to the New York areas of Brooklyn, Soho, Nolita, Chinatown and Little Italy for you to taste the most genuine flavours at New York’s pace. 

What are the advantages of choosing OUIGO to travel from Barcelona to Madrid?

In OUIGO, we are all about being flexible and open, and offer you multiple advantages: 

  • Travel comfortably, fast and for very little, while respecting the environment. 

  • Customize your travel experience checking our options. All of them are a click away! 

  • Are you set about your dates? No problem. With OUIGO, you can book your seats 9 months before your departure. 

OUIGO is an innovative and fun way to travel. Whether you're an early-planner or a last-minute decider, with OUIGO you're just a few clicks away from Madrid! 

Trains schedule for Barcelona - Madrid 

You can follow Barcelona - Madrid departures in real-time, so you remain informed about any hold-ups or delays. Plan a hassle-free journey thanks to the OUIGO website!  

Keep up to date with departure times for Barcelona - Madrid trains. Traffic problems, train delays… stay informed about departures via OUIGO's website!