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Cheap Madrid - Tarragona trains

Overview of your Madrid - Tarragona journey:

Lowest price for adults


Departure station

Madrid-Puerta de Atocha

Arrival station

Camp de Tarragona

Duration of journey


Fixed price for children

€7 and children up to 3 years old included travel for free


Who said there is no beach here ;) ? OUIGO makes high-speed travel between Madrid and Tarragona fast, cheap and comfortable for everyone at a low price. 

Enjoy the beaches of Tarragona and all that this interesting city has to offer. Discover the Roman legacy, the most Mediterranean Tarragona and enjoy its gastronomy and leisure activities. 

From our application, choose the date and time of your preferred train leaving from Madrid-Puerta de Atocha station and you will arrive at Camp de Tarragona station in 2.13h. If you're not sure when you're going to travel, OUIGO Flex is your best option. Book it when you book your train tickets to Tarragona and you can change the time and/or date up to 30 minutes before the train departs, at no extra cost. You will only have to pay the difference in price if there is one. Do you need time to decide on your purchase? No problem, with the option TIME TO THINK, you can block the price of your reservation for a defined period of time for only €2 more. 

If you're the type of person who takes everything to make sure you don’t leave anything behind, the OUIGO PLUS ticket allows you to take extra luggage, and this is just one of its advantages. Book it and enjoy our on-board entertainment service, OUIFUN, in the comfort of your favorite XL seat. 


Discover the OUIGO universe and never stop travelling! 

Plan your Madrid - Tarragona trip

How long does a train take from Madrid to Tarragona?

The journey in our Madrid - Tarragona train takes 2.13h. Using our OUIGO mobile app, choose your dates and times of departure and you will find out the exact duration of your journey. Then pick your options and book your train tickets. Getting bored at home? Check out our deals on your phone and pack up your suitcase. OUIGO takes you flying like a bird, Tarragona has never been so close.  

How much is a Madrid - Tarragona train ticket?

With OUIGO, experience amazing adventures at low cost prices. Buy your cheap train ticket and travel from Madrid to Tarragona starting from €9 per adult and for €7 per child. Plan family weekend getaways or one-day trips with friends. Booking seats with electrical outlet or in the train's quiet carriages, are just some of the options available. Are you bringing a stroller or multiple suitcases? With OUIGO, that's not a problem. From your phone and in just a few clicks, travel your way.  

What is the departure time from Madrid to Tarragona?

If you decide to visit Tarragona, take the train that departs from the Madrid-Puerta de Atocha Station at 10.05am. In a little over two hours you will be by the Mediterranean. Travel comfortably, quickly and at the best price with OUIGO  

What are the Madrid - Tarragona departure and arrival stations?

The departure station is Puerta de Atocha in Madrid. You can get there by public transport: several bus lines take you, and there is a metro stop inside the station. There is also a parking area for private vehicles. The station was refurbished in 1992, and the old passengers building was turned into a superb greenhouse that features a tropical garden with over 7000 species from America, Asia and Australia. It's worth it to arrive early enough to visit it. 

The arrival station is Camp de Tarragona. Located in the town of La Secuita, 7 miles (11 km) away from Tarragona, it's connected through several lines of buses that arrive from everywhere in the province. 

What to see in Tarragona?

The ancient Tarraco is listed as a World Heritage Centre and holds an impressive Roman archaeological ensemble. Visit the amphitheatre, the wall, the circus and the forum to feel like an emperor. Ave Tarragona! 

Walk along the city's streets and discover its squares full of terraces and restaurants where you will be able to enjoy the delicious Mediterranean cuisine. If you want to discover the seafaring side of Tarragona, you can't miss El Serrallo, an old fishermen's quarter with plenty of charm. 

And of course, Tarragona features amazing beaches and coves to enjoy the sun and the sea, like the Miracle beach or the Cala Fonda. 


OUIGO's secret tip 

Did you know that deep down in Tarragona lies an amazing underground cave? And it can be visited! The Tarragona Society of Speleology organizes visits during weekends in groups of 10 people maximum, and provides you with a wetsuit, helmet, headlight and insurance. Led by a guide, you will cross flooded halls, dive for seconds through tiny siphons and swim in the largest underground lake in Catalonia. Do you dare? 

What are the advantages of choosing OUIGO for my Madrid - Tarragona trip?

OUIGO offers you a new way to travel: easy, fast and cheap. Using your phone and our app, design your trip your own way. 


  • Do you know when you're travelling? Book as early as nine months ahead. 

  • A last minute trip? Check our departure times and last-minute deals. 

  • Want to bring your pet on holidays? Do it! 

  • Travelling with children, suitcases, toys and the sun umbrella? We take everything for you! Check our luggage options. 

Welcome to OUIGO, travel nonstop! 

Train schedule for Madrid – Tarragona 

You can follow Madrid - Tarragona departures in real-time, so you remain informed about any hold-ups or delays. Plan a hassle-free journey thanks to the OUIGO website!  

Keep up to date with departure times for Madrid - Tarragona trains. Traffic problems, train delays… stay informed about departures via OUIGO's website!