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Cheap Madrid - Zaragoza trains

Overview of your Madrid - Zaragoza journey:

Lowest price for adults


Departure station

Madrid-Puerta de Atocha

Arrival station


Duration of journey


Fixed price for children

€7 and children up to 3 years old included travel for free


Buy your cheap Madrid - Zaragoza train tickets with OUIGO. Whether you're travelling for work or leisure, alone or with other people, we've got you covered. Do you want a smooth journey, are you travelling with hand luggage or are you taking half a wardrobe with you? Whatever you choose, we have the perfect options for you. 

Have you heard of OUIGO PLUS? With this option you can choose your favourite seat, carry extra luggage and be entertained during the whole journey with OUIFUN, our on-board entertainment platform with a wide selection of films, series, documentaries, magazines, podcasts, games... Your train journey from Madrid to Zaragoza will fly by! 

With OUIGO's low cost Madrid - Zaragoza train, the two capitals are closer than ever. In just 1.15h, we take you from Madrid-Puerta de Atocha station to Zaragoza-Delicias station. Take advantage of weekends, long weekends or even that day when you feel like doing something different. Check our train timetables, every day you have several trains that go from Madrid-Zaragoza. Worry-free travel is in your hands. All you have to do is book your Madrid-Zaragoza tickets from our iOS or Android app, and that's it: easy, convenient and fast. And remember that for only €2 more, you have TIME TO THINK, our option to block the price of your reservation for a defined period of time. 


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Plan your Madrid - Zaragoza trip

How long does a train take from Madrid to Zaragoza?

The journey from Madrid-Puerta de Atocha to Delicias-Zaragoza takes 1.15h. A really short time. Have you thought that it takes longer to reach some places in your own city? Check our departure times. With OUIGO, you can live in Madrid and work in Zaragoza. Easy and cheap.  

How much is a Madrid-Zaragoza train ticket?

With OUIGO, travelling is fast, comfortable, and really cheap. Starting from €9 per adult and for €7 per child, what are you waiting for to get lost in the streets of Zaragoza? If you're travelling with friends, explore the party scene of Zaragoza in El Tubo. Travelling with children? The area of the Expo is ideal for families. Our low-cost train can carry all of you!

What are the first and last departure times from Madrid to Zaragoza?

A Madrid - Zaragoza train with different times to choose from! Do you want to have breakfast in the capital of Aragón? The first train departs from Madrid-Puerta de Atocha at 10.05am and in a little under one hour you can be having a cup of coffee and some delicious rosquillas de anís (anisette donuts). However, if you prefer to leave a little bit later and make the most of your day in Zaragoza, the last low-cost train departs from the Delicias Station at 22H08. With OUIGO, you decide your journey!  

What are the Madrid-Zaragoza departure and arrival stations?

Your cheap Madrid-Zaragoza train is waiting for you in Madrid-Puerta de Atocha Station. There are multiple ways to get there. If you opt for public transport, several buses take you there, and there is also a metro stop inside the station. A parking area is also available for leaving your vehicle until you return. The arrival station in Zaragoza is Delicias, that also offers diverse transport options to move around the city. 

What to see in Zaragoza?

Better ask, what not to see? The city offers a variety of cultural, party and culinary experiences. Its most iconic symbol, the Basilica del Pilar, is the heart of one of the most renowned Spanish festivities. Discover Zaragoza like a bird, from up high: climb to the outlook of the San Francisco De Borja tower to get a sense of its splendor. Did you know that Zaragoza was home to Romans, Christians, Jews and Arabs? Walking along its streets, you will discover the traces left by all those cultures. El tubo is a highly popular area for tapas and fun, you can't say that you have been in the city without setting foot there! The Expo 2008 site is a perfect place for families, with its several parks and river beach. The Madrid-Zaragoza low-cost train is the opportunity you were waiting for!  


OUIGO's secret tip:

The Casa del Dean was built in the 18th century. It is connected to La Seo cathedral through a Gothic arch. Legend has it that the arch was built by Lucifer on one condition: he would take the soul of whoever went underneath. Do you dare cross it?  

Why should I take OUIGO to travel from Madrid to Zaragoza?

With OUIGO, you travel your way. Choose among our options, and make yourself comfortable. You rule your low-cost trip! 

  • Option to carry up to 66 pounds (30 kg). Bring all your outfits along!  

  • Don't want to leave your pet at home? With OUIGO, bring up to two! 

  • Travelling by train is environmentally friendly.  

  • Babies are not a problem either. Strollers are welcome on board.  

  • Big family? Check our special prices for large families.  

With OUIGO, everyone gets the chance to travel: fast, comfortable and cheap.  

Train schedule for Madrid - Zaragoza



You can follow Madrid - Zaragoza departures in real-time, so you remain informed about any hold-ups or delays. Plan a hassle-free journey thanks to the OUIGO website!  

Keep up to date with departure times for Madrid - Zaragoza trains. Traffic problems, train delays… stay informed about departures via OUIGO's website!