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Trains to Bordeaux

Situated in the heart of Nouvelle-Aquitaine, Bordeaux is famous for its calm vibe, stunning architecture and proximity to the ocean. A mere 2 hours by train from Paris, it has become one of the most popular destinations in France. So if you are planning to head to Bordeaux, here are our tips to make sure you have a trip of a lifetime!  


Ville Bordeaux

Choose your train ticket to Bordeaux

Connections and Bordeaux railway station 

The capital of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region is a transport hub with numerous connections and access to the region as a whole. With Paris around a 2-hr train journey away (quickest route), Bordeaux has become a practical city for anyone in the southwest after efficient, fast and cheap transport.  
If you opt for a OUIGO train from Bordeaux Saint-Jean, you can get to:  

The north of the region

Poitiers, Tours and Angoulême, three stations that are on the Bordeaux – Paris line.  

The south of the region

Agen, Montauban and Toulouse, on the Bordeaux – Toulouse line.  

The Bordeaux-Saint-Jean railway station runs TER Nouvelle-Aquitaine regional network services. It is the terminus for several lines: Poitiers – Bordeaux, La Rochelle – Bordeaux, Bordeaux – Limoges, Bordeaux – Bayonne…  
You can also travel north from Bordeaux to Paris, Amiens and even Lille 


Buy a low-cost train ticket to Bordeaux 

You've decided to head to Bordeaux? Fantastic idea! Here are some tips to consider if you plan to buy train tickets to the city.  


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Discover Bordeaux with OUIGO: a great stopover before heading to the seaside!


What to do in Bordeaux?

When you leave Saint-Jean station, you can hop on Tram D line to get to the quayside, or Bus 1 to reach the city centre. If you opt for a tram to the quays, you can admire the Garonne River and enjoy a stroll around the Saint-Michel district. You can visit the amazing Saint-Michel Basilica, which was completed in the 16th century.  

You can also take a bike ride along the quays and criss-cross between the northern and southern banks. Stop off at the Cité du Vin and then continue on to Place de la Bourse. You can always park your bike and head off on foot to the Grand Théâtre followed by a walk along Rue Sainte-Catherine, the largest pedestrian street in Europe.  
Bordeaux has it all and its famous cuisine is a real highlight! Dig into the famous canelés, the local rum-based cakes, taste the Grands Crus wines or opt for a heartier meat-based dish. Bordeaux will delight you and there is something for every taste (literally)! 


Public transportation in Bordeaux 

Bordeaux has a very well-developed public transport network. With over 60 bus lines and 4 tram lines, you can easily get round and about. It costs €1.70 for a ticket that's valid for 1 hour, and €5 for a ticket valid for 24 hours.  
And if you want to head to the seaside, there are plenty of regional coaches. There are nigh-on 25 regional coach lines that cross Nouvelle-Aquitaine via Bordeaux.  
To get to the beaches, just take bus numbers 601, 701, 702 or 710 which will drop you off respectively in Lège – Cap-Ferret, Le Porge, Lacanau and Carcans.  
The city is perfect for cyclists thanks to its numerous bike lanes. The short distance between the city centre and tourist attractions makes sightseeing even more enjoyable. The V 'cub (V3) self-service bike rental is available from €1.70 for 24 hours (the first 30 minutes are free, it then costs 2€/hour)