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Travel with your bike on a OUIGO "TGV" or Classical train in France!


Travelling with your bike* on a train is a cinch with OUIGO! Whether you hop on a TGV or OUIGO Classical train, OUIGO has a solution. 

You can take a bagged and dismantled/foldable bike on a OUIGO TGV for only €5! 

Likewise, you can take a bagged and dismantled/foldable bike on a OUIGO Classical Train for €5. If you can't dismantle your bike, you can still take it on a OUIGO Classical train for just €10! 


How do I book my OUIGO train ticket if I'm travelling with my bike?  

Nothing could be easier! When booking your ticket, just add the Bike option. You can add up to 2 non-dismantled bikes per trip, and 1 bagged, dismantled/foldable bike with a click or two.  


Travelling by TGV with my bike: no problem with OUIGO! 

Planning to board a OUIGO TGV for your next solo trip? Going on a getaway with family or friends? You don't have to leave your beloved bike behind! At OUIGO, we understand the joys of pedalling along a riverbank or the importance of a Sunday morning bike ride, even when you're on holiday! Cycling is healthy, eco-friendly, and fun. There’s no reason not to deprive yourself of your bike when you’re travelling by train!  


Travelling with a dismantled/foldable bike on a OUIGO TGV 

You can take your bagged, dismantled/foldable bike on a OUIGO TGV for only €5 per passenger per journey. To make life even easier, you can add the bike option to your ticket when you book or up to 10 minutes before your OUIGO TGV's departure time. 

To take your bike on board a OUIGO TGV it must be in a travel bag that's 130 x 90 cm max and not weigh more than 30 kg. 

Then all you have to do is settle down in your seat and enjoy your OUIGO TGV's numerous services. Choose your seat, take extra luggage and/or use the Wi-Fi, the choice is yours! 


Can I take a non-dismantled bike on the TGV?  

Unfortunately, non-dismantled bikes can't be taken on board a OUIGO TGV. But don't give up! You can take your bike if you travel on a OUIGO Classical train! 


Travelling on a OUIGO Classical train with a bike? It’s no problem at all! 

Do you prefer OUIGO Classical train? Then you'll be pleased to know you can take your trusty bike with you! 


By Classical train with my bagged, dismantled bike 

It only costs €5 to take a bagged, dismantled/foldable bike on a OUIGO Classical train. You can select the bike option when you book your ticket or add it to your basket up to 10 minutes before the train's departure time! Before you board your OUIGO Classical train, just make sure your bike is dismantled and bagged, doesn't exceed 130 x 90 cm in size (bagged up) and doesn't weigh over 30 kg! 


Can I take a non-dismantled bike on a Classical train? Yes, you can! 

You can take a non-dismantled bike on board your OUIGO Classical train! For just €10 per passenger per journey, you can hang your bike in the designated storage area. Just click on the bike option when you book your tickets. Want to decide closer to your departure time? Don't panic, the bike option can be selected up to 10 minutes before the train departs. Remember to book a storage slot for your bike! 


Travelling by train with your bike? Check out OUIGO's tips ! 

You've decided, and you can't bear to leave your bike behind. So how does travelling with a bike work? Nothing could be simpler; from the moment you arrive at the station to when you get off the train at your destination. To make life even easier, here are OUIGO's tips for travelling with your bike: 


Choose the right ticket! 

When booking your ticket, aim for off-peak travel so you can easily get to the station, find the platform, have room to dismantle your bike and have plenty of time to board and store your bike. Try to avoid rush hours for a hassle-free journey! Don’t forget to double-check if the train's a OUIGO High Speed or Classical train! TGV's only take dismantled/folded bikes, so you'll need to factor in the time it will take you to sort out your kit before you board. 


Label your bike as you would other luggage  

All luggage must be labelled on board OUIGO High Speed or Classical trains, so don't forget to pop one on your bike! 


You'll have to load/unload your bike yourself 

It's a OUIGO rule that OUIGO staff won't be able to help you, as it's not part of their job. So plan ahead to make things easier. For example, detach any saddlebags so the bike is less heavy or cumbersome to load and unload.  


Arrive well in time! 

If you're taking a TGV and cycling to the station, give yourself enough time to dismantle your bike and put it in its bag. Remember that if you don't have a fast-track ticket, you must arrive at the platform 30 minutes before the train's departure - dismantling your bike will give you something to do while you wait for your train!  


Make sure your bike doesn't get in the way of others 

Bikes, even kids' bikes, can take up a lot of room! To make sure it doesn't get in the way of other travellers, let alone slip, fall, hit someone or cause damage, put your bike in the storage area or hang it up in its allocated slot as soon as you board the train.  


Factor in all your pieces of luggage 

Bicycle saddlebags count as bags, so if you have more than one or another piece of luggage, make sure to select the Extra Baggage or XL option.  


Keep your bike with you when at the station 

Your bike belongs to you. Just like you'd keep a dog on a lead if you're travelling with your pet, keep your bike by your side so no one trips over it! 

Once you've got off your OUIGO High Speed or Classical train and have left the station, you and your bike will have all the freedom to explore your destination! 


Can I take my bike on a OUIGO train?  

Of course! Simply select the bike option when you book your ticket: when the day arrives and depending on whether you're taking a TGV or Classical train, you'll be able to board the train with a bagged dismantled/foldable bike or with a non-dismantled bike. 


Can I travel with my electric scooter?  

No worries! Simply tick the "extra baggage" option when booking your train ticket (TGV or Classical train).  


Do I have to pay the bike charge twice if I have to change from one OUIGO train to another OUIGO train?  

If you purchase a OUIGO ticket with a TGV-TC, TGV-TGV or TC-TC connection, the bike options and prices will be calculated at the time of booking. Just make sure you've chosen the right journey before confirming your ticket purchase! Some options require payment for each of the two trains, while others incur extra charges or cover the entire journey (the Extra Baggage option, for example).  


If I have to exchange my train ticket, will my chosen options still be included? 

Of course! If you exchange a OUIGO ticket, and the already purchased options are available on your new train, then these options will be included.  

*Recumbent bikes, tricycles, tandems and bike trailers are not allowed on board OUIGO trains.