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Cheap Marseille - Paris trains

Your train will leave from Marseille Saint-Charles (downtown station) and get you to Paris Gare de Lyon (downtown station), Paris Marne-la-Vallée Chessy or CDG airport 

Overview of your Marseille - Paris journey:

Lowest price for adults


Departure station

Marseille Saint-Charles (downtown station)

Arrival station

Paris Gare de Lyon (downtown station),
Paris Marne-la-Vallée Chessy - Disneyland,
Paris Aéroport CDG

Duration of journey


Fixed price for children


Plan your Marseille - Paris trip

How much does a train ticket from Marseille to Paris cost?

You'll find plenty of low-cost train tickets for journeys to and from Paris. Plus  you have a choice of arrival stations: Gare de Lyon, Paris Marne-la-Vallée or  CDG airport. 

Adult tickets start at a very reasonable €16*, while children can travel for a  mere €8**. So why not book your tickets now and take advantage of OUIGO's  amazing low-cost travel offers? 

How long is the trip from Marseille to Paris?

Have you been dreaming of a trip to Paris for a while? With OUIGO, it's as easy  as it gets! You can easily and cheaply reach the City of Lights in just 3.42h. 

And if you want to check out train timetables, nothing could be simpler! You  just need to simulate a Marseille - Paris round-trip on our website or via the  mobile app. 

Which railway stations run services between Marseille and Paris?

Leaving from Marseille station you'll find high-speed OUIGO TGVs that go to  Paris Gare de Lyon, Paris Marne-la-Vallée or CDG airport. You’ll arrive in central  Paris, where you can easily catch a bus or use the metro to get to central  locations. 

So rest assured, you'll get to Paris quickly and easily for an even more enjoyable journey. 

Are there direct trains from Marseille to Paris?

OUIGO's Marseille - Paris high-speed trains are direct lines, so you benefit from  a comfy, hassle-free trip without having to change trains. 

And you can take pets on the trains too. Whether your dog or your cats, don't  feel you need to leave your furry friends behind! 

When do the first and last trains leave?

There are daily departures so you will easily find a time that suits.  Why not take the first train from Marseille which leaves for Paris at 6:13am?  Just sit back and admire the sunrise from your window. 

If you have other commitments or prefer to travel later in the day, no problem!  The last Paris train leaves at 6.25pm leaving you plenty of time to get things  done in Marseille. 

Can you travel in a group on a Marseille to Paris train? 

With OUIGO you easily travel with a group of friends! 

Have you found the right Marseille Paris ticket? Well, in just a couple of clicks, you can book and pay the fare. If you are travelling in a group, OUIGO lets you synchronize Marseille Paris train times to make sure you're all on the same train. So what are you waiting for? 

What should you do if you want to change your Marseille - Paris ticket?

Unforeseeable circumstances are part and parcel of travelling, but thankfully  OUIGO has several options so you have the freedom to travel when like. 

For only €19 more per passenger per trip, you can modify the dates or  destinations and still go on that amazing adventure you've been planning.  It couldn't be easier! Simply go to the My Bookings section and follow the  instructions! 

If you're looking for even more flexibility when traveling, you might also want  to consider the OUIGOFLEX option. For just 9€, you can change the date and  destination of your trip as many times as you want, without any extra fees. The  only thing you need to cover is the possible difference in ticket price. This way,  you can adjust your plans without worrying about penalties or restrictions.  Keep in mind that OUIGOFLEX must be purchased at the time of buying your  ticket, so make sure to choose this option if you think you might need it.

Trains schedule for Marseille – Paris 

You can follow Marseille – Paris departures in real-time, so you remain informed about any hold-ups or delays. Plan a hassle-free journey thanks to the OUIGO website!  

Keep up to date with departure times for Marseille – Paris trains. Traffic problems, train delays… stay informed about departures via OUIGO's website! 

OUIGO trains provide the comfort of second-class travel in addition to two great deals for Marseille - Paris trips: 


Take advantage of the OUIGO Plus offer… 

Thanks to the OUIGO Plus option and for only €9 more, you can personalise your journey by choosing your favourite seat and taking more luggage with you.  

And the best part? There is no extra charge for children under 12 years old. So, book your OUIGO Plus ticket now and enjoy personalised options for even more comfort…and enjoy numerous options! For only €9 more, the OUIGO Plus offer ensures added on-board comfort for an even more enjoyable journey. And to make things even better, OUIGO Plus is free for children under 12! 

Choose your seat


Extra luggage or an XL bag





…and don't forget there's the OUIGO Essential offer!

Thanks to OUIGO Essentiel, you can get low-cost tickets and just select the options that suit your needs. You can customise your trip for even more comfort while sticking to your budget. There's nothing better than a tailor-made trip!


The OUIGO ticket

Hand luggage 36x27x15

Suitecase/backpack etc. 55x35x25





Tips for buying a low-cost Marseille - Paris train ticket  


Take advantage of early bird sales 

Snap up bargain tickets with OUIGO's early-bird sales! Take advantage of knockdown prices for your summer holiday or end-of-year celebrations - the perfect way to keep well within your budget.  

Starting at €16, you'll be able to head off that long-awaited adventure. So, don't miss out on this golden opportunity and book your ticket before they sell out!  


You can also get cheap last-minute OUIGO tickets! 

Last-minute travel isn't a problem with OUIGO. OUIGO has extremely affordable offers for any last-minute travel needs, whether you are a student, a professional or a parent looking for a family escape. 

Don't let any glitches stop you from going on your latest escapade! Book your OUIGO ticket now for a hassle-free departure and let OUIGO take care of everything. 


The little extras for your holiday 

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What to do in Paris?  

Paris, the City of Lights, is packed with amazing activities. From the majestic Eiffel Tower to the iconic Notre-Dame Cathedral, via the Musée d'Orsay and Place Vendôme, the city has a multitude of must-see historical and cultural sites. 

But Paris is not just about its famous monuments! Take a wander down the Marais's cobbled streets, which are lined with vintage shops and contemporary art galleries. Stroll along the Canal Saint-Martin, for a moment of calm in the heart of the city and stop at one of this neighbourhood's numerous trendy cafés. 

So, time to head to Paris and explore its hidden treasures!