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Trains to Marseille

Time to head to France's second most populated city: Marseille. A must-visit south-eastern city with a unique Mediterranean setting combined with an impressive urban landscape. And we mustn’t forget its rich cultural heritage and history with its numerous landmarks, museums and much more.  
Whether you go for a weekend or a holiday, get to Marseille thanks to OUIGO's low-cost tickets!  


Choose your train ticket to Marseille

Connections and Marseille railway station 

There is only one railway station in Marseille, so don't worry about getting lost or turning up at the wrong station! To help you prepare your trip, here's some useful info about Marseille Saint-Charles railway station.  

The station is located right in the city centre, which is the perfect starting point for a city tour. It is served by 2 metro lines and numerous bus lines. Marseille train station is an important southern hub and means you can easily reach Avignon, Aix-en-Provence, or Valence. 

Several bus and tram lines stop at the station. You can walk around the city centre and also venture into its outskirts. 

There is assistance for reduced mobility travellers, for example, if you use a wheelchair or are visually impaired…  

If you're travelling from northern France, you can hop on a OUIGO train to Marseille. The line starts at Lille and passes through Paris and Lyon before arriving at Marseille and the Mediterranean coast! It then continues further east along the Côte d'Azur to Nice. 

Thanks to various connections you can get to Marseille from Nantes, Montpellier, Strasbourg and several other French cities. 


Buy a low-cost train ticket to Marseille

You've decided to head to Marseille? Great news! Here are our tips before you book your ticket. 


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    NB: You can select a specific OUIGO PLUS service, for an extra benefit without paying for the complete package.  


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Explore Marseille: the city of the sun! 


What to do in Marseille? 


Visiting Marseille makes for a fantastic trip. But where should you start in this city of 800,000 inhabitants?  

Culture lovers can begin with the Canebière, the city's most famous street. It's lined with shops and home to several important landmarks: the Opera, the Church of Saint-Vincent-de-Paul and Hotel Noailles. 
At the other end of Canebière, you'll arrive at the Old Port, another of the city's legendary sites. If you are a seasoned walker, you will be rewarded for all your efforts!  

Marseille has numerous cultural attractions. You will be spoiled for choice during your visit to the city. We highly recommend the MuCEM, the Museum of Civilizations of Europe and the Mediterranean and the Savon de Marseille Museum. 

Finally, you'll find stunning creeks not far from the city. So go for it, whether by car or public transport, these idyllic settings are a must!  

Public transportation in Marseille  

Marseille is one of the best served cities in France when it comes to public transport. With 2 metro lines, a huge number of bus lines and 3 tram lines, you can easily get around the city and its outskirts.   
To get around: a public transport ticket costs €1.70 and is valid for 1 trip. If you're planning to spend long days in the city, then you can buy a 24hr pass (€5.20) or 72hr pass (€10.80). And if you plan to explore the whole city, you can opt for a book of 10 tickets at €15!  
In general, public transport runs until 1am.