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OUIGOSWAP: Buy an unused OUIGO FRANCE train ticket or resell a OUIGO ticket!

Need a ticket, but the train you want to catch is fully booked? You have a train ticket, but now can't make the journey? We all have times when we need to exchange our tickets. Why not go for a simple swap? This is exactly what OUIGO offers! 

OUIGOSWAP is OUIGO's ticket resale service combined with a waiting list so you can buy tickets that will no longer be used. No more cancelled weekends because the train's full, or losing out because you can't use your ticket! You can resell your ticket to someone who needs one. That way, you’ll miss out on the trip but not lose your hard-earned money! 



Feeling lousy? OUIGOSWAP to the rescue! 

Unable to drag yourself out of bed? Got a fever, a tummy bug, or have sudden back pain just when you were planning to hop on a OUIGO? Don't worry, where there's a will, there's a way! With OUIGOSWAP, you can resell your train ticket! 

OUIGOSWAP means you can resell your OUIGO High Speed or OUIGO Classical train. Even if you can barely crawl out of bed, just grab your phone, open the app and you can put your OUIGO ticket up for sale.  

So yes, you'll miss your romantic getaway, that big weekend with friends, or your gran's Ruby Wedding Anniversary, but at least you'll get money back!  






OUIGOSWAP is a type of train ticket "barter service" set up by OUIGO. It allows you to buy an unused or resell a ticket for a train that's fully booked. 


Previously, if the train you wanted to catch was fully booked, you had no choice but to choose another time or travel on another day. Now if the train you want to catch is displayed as "Fully booked", you'll see a prompt that says "Join the Waiting List" or "Buy a Ticket". Depending on whether a seat is available or not, this feature lets you buy a ticket or add yourself to the waiting list in the hope that another passenger will put their ticket up for sale. You can buy tickets for solo travel or up to 9 passengers. 


This option is available for fully-booked OUIGO TGV and OUIGO Classical trains, up to 30 minutes before the train's departure. OK


How do you buy an unused ticket or resell a OUIGOSWAP train ticket? 


How do you buy an unused OUIGOSWAP ticket? 

The “Join the Waiting List” and “Buy a Ticket” options are only available for fully booked trains. So what can you do if you want a ticket for a fully booked train? 

There are two options: 


No tickets available: 


  • Click on "Join The Waiting List". A summary window showing the chosen ticket (price, date, destination, time) and your information will appear. 

  • Enter your email address to confirm, then click 'Confirm'. Another window will pop up indicating your place on the waiting list, and you'll also receive a confirmation email. 

  • If a ticket is listed for sale by another passenger, you will be notified immediately by email and/or a push notification, so you can proceed with the purchase. 


A ticket's available: 

If a ticket is up for resale, you can buy it straight away without joining the waiting list or waiting for email confirmation. 


You can join the waiting list for a fully booked OUIGO TGV or OUIGO Classical train until 30 minutes before the train's departure time.  

It's free, with no obligation or hidden fees!  

Whatever the case, OUIGO will let you continue with your purchase or start a new search if you want to book another ticket! 


How do I sell a ticket that I won't be using? 


Log in or enter your reservation number and email address, go to your ticket and follow these simple steps: 


  • Choose the option "OUIGOSWAP - Resell my ticket". You will then be asked to fill in the details of the ticket you want to sell (you can choose the outbound or return trip or the complete round-trip). 

  • Click on "Continue" to validate your choice. 

  • After selecting "Continue" a window summarising your journey will pop up. 

  • Click on "I'm releasing my ticket" to put your ticket up for resale. 


After a moment, you'll receive an email confirming your ticket is on the resale list. Your ticket will be offered up for sale if the train you were due to travel on becomes fully booked. If you manage to sell your ticket, you’ll receive a voucher for a sum that's up to 80% of the initial ticket price. Your voucher is non-creditable and valid for one year. You may cancel the sale of your ticket at any time, so long as it hasn't been bought by another passenger. To do this, simply go back to the "Release my ticket and cancel my trip" option and click on "Cancel”. 



Now you're up to speed with the new OUIGOSWAP service it's time to get bartering! All that’s left for us to say is "Have a great trip!"