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Children's train tickets

Travelling on OUIGO trains means enjoying the comfort of OUIGO High Speed or Classical train with the added plus of low-cost tickets. With OUIGO, you can travel with the whole family for less since children get special rates and services!  
Why choose our trains if you're travelling with younger members of the family? Here’s why: 


Our "Toupti" children's train tickets 

Thanks to OUIGO, you can travel with the kids without breaking the bank! Even better, infants and toddlers travel for free. As long as they're accompanied by parents, children under 4 can travel for free if they sit on your lap. Perfect if you're off to visit relatives on the other side of France, going on a seaside holiday, or planning to hit the slopes!  
As for luggage, OUIGO's got you covered. You can take a pram/stroller for free. If you have an XL piece of luggage or extra bags, you can book the OUIGO PLUS OPTION, which includes an extra piece of luggage or an XL one. 

Train tickets for children under 4 

Children under the age of 4 can travel for free if they sit on their parent's lap. You can also buy a child's fare ticket and give the little ones their own seat! 

The good news is children aged 4 to 11 can get super low-cost travel. The price of children's train tickets is limited to €8 for most TGV destinations and €5 for trips on OUIGO Classical train! On your lap, in their own seat, happily playing with their games or with their nose in a book, your kids can settle in and feel well-looked-after. 

Travelling with a child on OUIGO trains 

Travelling with an infant/toddler (0-3 years) 


Here are some tips if you're planning to travel with your little one on your lap:  

  • Prepare a snack or sweet treat and take some water. OUIGO trains don't have a buffet car, so your child will need drinks and something to munch on.  

  • Remember to pack nappies, cotton pads, wipes, and all the necessary toiletries if your child needs a nappy change, etc. The trains have special nappy-changing areas, so no worries on that front! 

  • Take something to keep the kids occupied. Bring a toy, a book, or a comforter so your little ones can happily keep themselves busy during the journey. 

Don't worry about the packing, there's no charge for taking a pram or stroller!  



Kids' snacks onboard the train  

No matter how short or long your journey is, it's important the kids have something to eat and drink, which is why OUIGO recommends that you bring a daypack with a sandwich, fruit, etc. for the journey. 

If you travel on a OUIGO Classical train, there's a snack and drinks trolley that sells drinks, sweet treats, and savoury snacks as well as orange juice, chocolate bars, crisps, and more. There’s something for everyone who fancies a bite! Plus, a OUIGO member of staff will serve you at your seat, just the thing for dealing with little rumbling tummies!  

Can my child travel alone on OUIGO? 

Unfortunately, we don't have an unaccompanied minors’ service for children under the age of 12. For safety reasons, they cannot travel alone on OUIGO trains. They must be accompanied by an adult.