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Taking luggage on trains: check out OUIGO’s France offers and options!

Your mind’s made up - you’re going to hop on a train! But, what about all your luggage? At OUIGO, we understand that travelling can be stressful. To make life easier, we have various offers for all types of travellers. You can take hand luggage, a carry-on suitcase or backpack, or even one (or two!) XL pieces of luggage to take on your High speed or classical train journey. So, are you packed and ready to go? 

luggage OUIGO


With OUIGO trains, taking luggage couldn't be easier!


Are you planning to go on holiday, on a business trip or a family weekend getaway on the other side of France? Then you'll need luggage, whether it's your beach kit, the tech for that important meeting, or your little one's must-have comforters. No worries! We've got you covered.  

At OUIGO, we know that every passenger has different needs, so we let you take all sorts of luggage on board. Hand luggage, cabin luggage, extra suitcase or XL luggage: OUIGO lets you take them all! 

OUIGO has a range of options for stress-free packing and travel: the OUIGO ESSENTIAL offer, the OUIGO STANDARD offer and the OUIGO PLUS offer. Simply choose what works best for you! 


 Luggage included in the price of an OUIGO train ticket 


Planning to travel light? Whatever offer you choose, (OUIGO ESSENTIAL, STANDARD or PLUS), your ticket includes a piece of hand luggage that doesn't exceed 36cm x 27cm x 15cm in size plus a carry-on bag that's no larger than 55cm x 35cm x 25cm. If you choose the OUIGO PLUS offer, you can take an extra suitcase or a piece of XL luggage in addition to your hand baggage and a carry-on bag! 

Find out more about the luggage included in your OUIGO train ticket here! 


Extra suitcase or XL option for my OUIGO train - Enjoy stress-free travel! 

Are you planning to take gear that won't fit into your included carry-on bag? No problem! With OUIGO, you can travel with electric scooters, winter sports gear for heading to the slopes and more. We even cater for anyone who takes dozens of jumpers wherever they go (even in summer)! 

The extra baggage option only costs €5 if you opt for the OUIGO ESSENTIAL or OUIGO STANDARD offer. Chosen the OUIGO PLUS option? Good news! This option includes an extra bag or a piece of XL luggage. If you want, you can add another piece of luggage to this option for just €5. 

If you choose the extra baggage or XL option, you can take the following on your OUIGO train: 

  • Sports equipment (scooter, bodyboard, etc.) provided that it is in a cover and doesn't exceed 1.30 m x 0.90 m in size. 

  • Skis if they are in a bag and aren't more than 2m long. 

  • Musical instruments if they're stored in a special case no larger than 1.30 m x 0.90 m. 

Travelling with young kids? You can take your baby/child's gear (pram/stroller, carrycot, car seat) for free. If you have a pram/stroller but aren't travelling with children, you'll need to buy the extra baggage or XL option. 

Want to take your bike on your OUIGO train? No worries. It's simple, just select the bike option when you book your ticket. You can take a bagged, dismantled/foldable bike on a OUIGO high speed Do you prefer OUIGO Classical train? You can take your bagged dismantled/foldable bike or a non-dismantled bike! 


Summary of luggage allowances on OUIGO trains 





(Classical train) 



(High Speed) 



(High Speed) 


Extra bag or XL option 


Bicycle option 


Hand luggage 

36 x 27 x 15 












Carry-on bag 

55 x 35 x 25 












Extra bag or XL luggage 

1.30 m max. and 30kg max. 












Bagged dismantled/folding bike 

1.30 m x 0.90 m max. 












Non-dismantled bike 












Sports equipment (e-scooter, bodyboard, skateboard, etc.) 
1.30 m x 0.90 m max. 













2.0m max. 












Musical instruments 

1.30 m x 0.90 m max. 
























* High Speed & Classical train 

** Classical train 

*** Up to 2 prams/strollers included if travelling with a child. Extra if you are travelling without children