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Choose your seat on OUIGO FRANCE TGVs!

We prefer to let you decide! 


We know you hate not having a choice! When it comes to choose, OUIGO's got you covered! From 3rd July, OUIGO has added a CHOOSE YOUR SEAT option. You can choose your seat(s) on board, according to your needs: the privacy of a Solo seat, a more sociable Square saloon layout, a seat next to a socket, whatever you like! 

Choose your seat OUIGO

A seat that suits you: the new option for even more comfort on board OUIGO trains 

The price varies depending on the type of seat you choose. When you buy your OUIGO ticket, you can reserve a Solo seat for €7 per passenger, as well as Double seats, a Square saloon layout or a Triple layout, (row of 3 seats) and/or equipped with an electrical socket for €3 per passenger.  And if things couldn't get any better, this option is FREE for kids under 12, whatever layout you choose! 

In short, the CHOOSE YOUR SEAT option ensures an even comfier trip: 


  • Want to enjoy the scenery and get some privacy? Opt for a Solo window seat! 

  • Want to beat your friends at cards? Choose a Square saloon-style layout and shuffle that deck! 

  • Want to catch up on your favourite series without using up battery power? Reserve a seat with an electrical socket! 

  • Anything else? Yes! You can also choose the carriage, the level (Upper or Lower decks), or a seat near the exit, or near a luggage storage area. 
    SOLO, DOUBLE, SQUARE, TRIPLET or a tailor-made trip! 


You can continue to enjoy low-cost fares across France (from €10** for adults, and €5** * for children under 12) and simply add any options you fancy. And we're off! Choose your seat in a couple of clicks for the Paris-Rennes, Lyon-Lille or Bordeaux-Paris lines! Simply select the option when booking your OUIGO ticket on our website.