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Travelling with your pet in France with OUIGO

Travel anywhere in France from €10* for adults and a fixed price of €5** for children - and you can take your pet too! OUIGO lets you travel with your dog or cat (one animal per booked ticket). Please note that there have been some updates to our policy. We changed our policy on 13 December 2020, so passengers planning to travel with a pet need to respect certain conditions.  

Whether on two feet or four paws, OUIGO TGVs welcome you all!  


Starting from 13 December 2020 the charge for travelling with a pet is now a flat rate of €15.  

We now apply a flat rate of €15 for travelling with a pet.  

Previously, pets under 6kg travelled for free and we charged €30 for pets over 6 kg. OUIGO decided to make a compromise! The charge for travelling with a pet is now the same, whatever their weight.  

All aboard! Book your low-cost TGV ticket, add your pet to the "Who's Travelling?" section, and hop on your TGV to Paris. Why not take your pooch for a weekend in Nice, a paddle in the sea at Marseille, or head off to Rennes to share a galette-saucisse? Let's go, with OUIGO! 


* Price subject to conditions 

** Price subject to conditions